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Johan Preschool, SS2, PJ, is a visionary preschool. We aim to give young children an experiential learning journey that is hands-on, fun and encourages exploration.

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Our Johan adventure started 5 years ago, wanting to make a small difference in our community. With the vast exposure travelling and living overseas, the 3 founders wished the preschool education to have more joy, curiosity, play, and fun ways of learning that celebrates childhood. That our future generations grow up with confidence, determination, being responsible, and caring people, entering the next phase of education of primary school. In other words, a little mixture of old school approaches infused with modern relevance. Gone are the days of factory styled producing all A academic superstars, but instead on a “Child-Centric” learning where the same sky is the limit for every one of our little Johanians!


Building on foundation of 38 years old preschool, Johan Preschool has been growing strong promoting our fun learning in SS2, Kelana Jaya and Klang.


And we believe a little sun, a little dirt & mess, a little washing here and there, caring for little animals, or greeting people at meal times; are all important parts of growing up. Not forgetting learning comes in many shapes and forms, our Learning Logs are able to capture the imminent progress which sometimes doesn’t just go one way in one aspect only.


Our logo – different colours represent every child is unique and the unconfined colourful kites represents thinking out-of-the-box in new relevant ways to implement early childhood education, but most importantly our wish for joy, exploration and hands-on learning to all our students and parents in this journey. Every kite can fly as high as possible whenever they are ready, in the same blue sky.


We offer preschool program from 3 years old to 6 years old and nursery care from 6 months to 4 years old in Kelana Jaya and Klang.


Every child is unique. We provide an environment that ensure every child’s learning is as according to his/her own capacity. We encourage hands-on practices and activity-based learning which stimulates children’s curiosity and eagerness to learn more.


Our program formulated around the concept of MYSELF, MY FAMILY and MY WORLD.


We believe children’s life and learning are all surrounded within these 3 essentials environment. As a school that aims to provide an effective learning environment, we believe in these approaches:


  • Hands-On
  • Activity-based
  • Experiential learning
  • Child Centric

We encourage children to learn beyond boundaries, learning through outings and trips, art and craft, speech and drama and much more!


We are located in PJ SS2, Kelana Jaya and Bukit Tinggi Klang.



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